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An environmental issue for Driffield – Windmill Hill sewer.

Sewage discharging from the chamber

I hope to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities a problem with the drainage system at the bottom of Windmill Hill in Driffield.


It appears that every time there is a downpour, the combined sewerage system cannot cope with additional surcharge and the manhole lid is displaced. I witnessed such a heavy shower last Sunday morning. I noticed that most of the raw sewage was running down the road and into The Beck, though some did accumulate outside the entrance to the Memorial gardens in Northend Park.

The sewage running down the road was turned into spray and atomised by the busy traffic. All of this was happening right outside the entrance to the children’s playground.

Two dogs

The people of Driffield are very proud of the purity of their local chalk stream and quite rightly so. Are we really willing to let the poor maintenance of our drainage system affect our health of our children and the purity of our local watercourses?


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