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History Lessons – A Vixen urinating

Vixen - urinating‘A vixen urinating’

For the second instalment of my History Lesson series I have chosen this photograph from my archives, ‘A Vixen urinating’.

I know it’s a little rude. You may also find it odd that I have picked a pretty ordinary photograph of a vixen scent marking from the five-and-a-half thousand images on my computer but please be patient, I have an interesting story to tell.

On Sunday 6 November 2011, I was up before dawn and arrived at the reserve about thirty minutes before sunrise. It was a cool morning but the forecast was for any lingering mist to clear to leave a fine day. I had just unpacked my camera when a fox appeared on the river bank. I quickly made a few exposures but the results were disappointing. An exposure of 1/15 second at f4 ISO 3200 was the best I could manage and although the fox was in focus, there was sufficient movement to blur the image. Unusually, I didn’t discard this file so here is my effort…


Thirty minutes later, with the sun now above the horizon, I managed to get a much better photograph of the same fox.


Five minutes later, I had another opportunity to photograph the fox again as it suddenly leaped into the undergrowth and pounced on its prey. It’s the kind of photograph that every wildlife photographer wants in their portfolio. Unfortunately, it was not to be. At the critical moment, some foreground vegetation obscured the scene. Ho-hum!


Never mind, it had been an interesting morning and I had also managed to get some good photographs of Long-tailed tits, a Goldcrest and a Sparrowhawk.

I must have been keen back in 2011, because I returned to the reserve for a second time in the afternoon at around 2:30 pm. The sun was due to set at around 4:20 pm so I had a couple of hours of patient photography. A waxing gibbous moon rose above the horizon into a pale blue sky.


I passed the time photographing cormorants as they returned to their roost. I was getting ready to depart when I saw a fox strolling along the shore-line. It stopped for a few moments to scent-mark a small bush and then disappeared into the undergrowth. I made a few exposure and hoped that the 1/200 shutter speed was sufficient.

I processed the RAW file, cropping it down to a 4:3 format and posted it to my Flickr account. The photograph appeared to be quite popular—I suspect that the search engine results from my title, ‘A Vixen urinating’ had more to do with its reputation than any artistic merit on my part!

A few year later, I was contacted by a designer from the Swedish punk band, Rävjunk. They had seen the image on Flickr and wished to use my photograph as an album cover. He promised me a copy of the album when it was released. True to his word, a copy of the band’s L.P. and three C.D.’s arrived a few weeks later. I must admit that I have never listened to their album but it still has pride of place on my wall as a conversation piece.


More ‘History Lessons’ in the next few days…


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