Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

The migrants return

Whitethroat warbling

It’s wonderful to see and hear the return of the migrants. For the past couple of weeks the morning air has been alive with the calls of various warblers and several cuckoos. It really feels like Spring! Barn owls are out hunting most mornings and evenings and kestrels and even the local foxes are all competing for the unseen rodents that remain hidden amongst the new vegetation. Territorial squabbles abound. The return of one of my favourite birds, the common tern is also a delight, though I suspect that the commandeering of the ‘tern raft’ by the black-headed gulls is more than a little nuisance. Still, first come, first served!

Cuckoo on willow

Cuckko on fence post

One of a pair of Great-crested grebes has also been very active. I suspect that the female has an active nest somewhere in the vicinity and the male bird has been fishing during much of the daylight hours. This has given me the opportunity to capture some great moments and to witness this elegant bird in some less than flattering poses. Still, it was interesting to see the huge paddle feet of this species.

Great-crested Grebe

Great-crested grebe rising

Great-crested grebe landing

I was delighted to see the local fox the other day. I watched with awe as it sprung into the air and pounced on an unfortunate short-tailed vole that it swiftly despatched and took back to its den. I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The photographs may prove a little disturbing but that’s nature I’m afraid.

Fox chew

Fox-with rodent and salad breakfast

Fox returning to its den

Barn Owl-Spring evening


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2 thoughts on “The migrants return

  1. Hi Tony, I chanced on your diary by accident. Not really, I googled you to see what you were up to. Very impressive. It seems we are now both doing what we always wanted to do. I’m gardening and watching all the wonderful wildlife around me and you’re taking these beautiful pictures. Don’t forget the invitation to west Cumbria is always open.

    • Hi Colin: What a lovely surprise to hear from you and thanks for you kind comments about my pictures. When I heard on the news about the sale price of an old Mac 1, I thought about you! Pity you haven’t got one in your attic! How’s your family? Are you a grand-father yet? I’ll try to do a bit more travelling in the UK this year so
      I may well pay you a visit. It would be lovely to catch up. Cheers —Tony McLean

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