Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

A cold, cold March

My first Aurora sighting

It’s almost a couple of weeks since I returned from Iceland and I’m still slowly trawling through my catch. I hope to bring you an account of my trip (assuming your interested) in the next couple of weeks. The picture of the Aurora above is one of my favourites from my trip.

Barn Owl-cold Spring morning

Meanwhile, I’ve spent a couple of very cold mornings at Tophill Low and a delightful Friday evening showing some pictures to the good folks of Lund village. Richard Hampshire’s recent blog mentioned the untimely death of one of the local Barn owls. It’s always sad to hear such news but I can confirm that a Barn Owl was hunting this morning as usual, so this must have been another owl?


Cormorant and B.H.Gull

Black-headed gulls were present and diving on the cormorants and curlew. However, it was this morning’s bitter easterly wind blowing directly at me for four hours that finally made me give-up and return to a nice, warm bed.

More later…

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