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Are you a fisherman or a hunter?

Barn Owl-early morning

I was having an unproductive evening sat in a cold hide and watching the rain fall. I considered moving to another, perhaps more fruitful location, when I was reminded of something that I had recently read on the internet. The writer had posed a question that had got me thinking, “Are you a fisherman or a hunter?” He defined a hunter as a photographer that was always on the look-out for a better location, perhaps driving or walking miles in order to find the ultimate spot. On the other hand, a fisherman would research a location beforehand and then remain there until he was certain that the opportunities to capture the scene were pretty much exhausted. I used to be a ‘hunter, but these days, I’m definitely a fisherman. It could be that I am getting old, maybe even a little wiser, but these days, I prefer to watch and wait.

Roe-Deer and fawn

It’s been a very wet week with nothing much to photograph. One early morning, I was delighted to see and photograph a young fawn accompanying its mother. When I contacted my good friend Marc at Wildlife Online, he informed me that the fawn was probably no more than three weeks old and that they usually don’t accompany their parent until they are at least six weeks old. I also spotted this stag roe deer one evening, grazing in the evening’s soft, warm light of a late spring day.

Stag Roe Deer-spring pasture

So, apart from my encounter with the Barn owl, the picture at the head of this post, of course, the Roe Deer, [Note: please click on an image if you wish to see a larger version], it’s been a rather unproductive week. One thing that still maintain my interest, is watching the never-ending territorial disputes between the different animals and birds. The black-headed gulls were chasing the swans and a heron, the swans were chasing the Canada geese and in turn, the terns were chasing the gulls. Always wonderful to watch and always entertaining. Here’s a few examples…


Mute Swan-attacked


I met up with a couple of Flickr friends this week. Joyce and her husband Ian, had travelled up from Carmathen in Wales to visit their relatives and some of the nature reserves of East Yorkshire. Both talented photographers I hope they were not too disappointed by the terrible weather. I gave them some information about Tophill Low and one evening after work, I accompanied them both to a hide. Joyce appeared to be delighted by several whitethroats, who were very obliging and seemed to pose for her lens at every opportunity. Joyce also managed to capture the best moment of the evening with her super shot of a grey heron in flight.

I also took part in Driffield Photographic Societies annual exhibition of photography at the Triton Gallery, Sledmere. I exhibited twelve pictures on the theme, ‘Carnivores’. Today (23 June) is the final day of the exhibition. I don’t believe I’ve sold any prints but it is always good to take part. Here’s a couple of images I took with my Canon S95 on the opening day of the exhibition.

Well, mid-summers day has come and gone. Now I’m really hoping for a few days of sunshine so I can once more see the reserve in all its summer glory!


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4 thoughts on “Are you a fisherman or a hunter?

  1. Good action shots again Tony. JUST arrived in Hungry. Very hot so sat outside with a cold beer.. Talk soon I hope. Cheers Roy.

    Ps added some macro shots to my website.

  2. Hi Roy. Not sure if you are still in Hungary but I bet you’ve got some great photos. Do give me a call when you return and we can catch up.

  3. I was directed here by Joyce. Wonderful pictures. 🙂

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