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A New Dawn…

Sunrise-Tophill Low

I promised myself that when I bought my Nikon D3s last year, it would be my last camera. After all, it met all my needs: a fast frame rate, wonderful low-light performance and a battery that lasted for ever. Here we are six months later and I have already broken that promise. When Nikon announced the D800 a few months ago, I admit that my interest was more than a little perked . With a resolution of 7360 x 5812 against the D3s 4256 x 2832 and a pixel density of one-third the size was definitley tempting. I could envisage the possibilities long before the glowing reviews began to be published.

In wildlife photography, reach is everything. My 500 mm lens, even with a teleconverter, often meant that with the D3s, I had to severely crop an image in order to obtain the image that I had pre-visiualized. So, I took a deep breath and ordered the Nikon D800. I have had the camera now for less than a week and I’m already impressed with its capabilities. To me, cameras are tools; I don’t follow trends or buy equipment to boost my ego. I rarely discuss my purchases and although I treat my equipment with respect, I have long since stopped reading the pixel-peeping reviews of the latest and greatest.

It’s far too early for me to report any firm conclusions of the D800. I will leave that to another blog entry when I have fully explored the camera’s potential. Suffice to say that my early impressions are extremely positive. So rather than bore you with any further technical details, here’s a few images that I have taken with the D800 during the past week…

As usual, please click on a picture to see a larger version.

Swans-misty morning

Barn Owl in flight-profile

Barn Owl-hovering

Grey Herons-in the rain


Duck at dawn

Yes, I know that in my last post I said goodbye to the fox cubs. Well, maybe not!

Fox cubs chasing

Fox cubs-fighting


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5 thoughts on “A New Dawn…

  1. Just so beautiful, Tony… so beautiful!

    • Thanks Ed. With praise like that I am finally beginning to believe that I have achieved a status of photographer, rather than a printer who ocassionally took a photograph or two.

  2. Playing foxes, nice!!

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