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Ne’er cast a clout till May is out

Egyptian Goose

I should have guessed the unseasonably warm weather wouldn’t last. We’re back to cold nights and April showers. I must admit that everything now looks a lot greener. Over the weekend, a feral Egyptian Goose was present around the northern edge of the reserve. It seemed quite lost and spent a great deal of time trying to find a companion or some other geese that would tolerate its presence. Good to see that a pair Little Ringed Plovers has once again returned to Watton N.R. I’d like to post a photograph but they were a little too distant. The LRP’s were accompanied by several Pied wagtails and one Yellow wagtail. I hope to obtain some better images in the near future.


I managed to get a photograph of a pair of Oystercatchers sharing their genes. A herd of twenty or so Curlew also made regular appearances. Good to see that the Short-eared Owls are still present around Hempholme and the local Barn owls are still following their usual crepuscular pattern of hunting.

Barn Owl-profile

I’ve also been privileged to witness a Marsh Harrier on several occasions. I have been unable to capture a good photograph to date and I don’t wish to tempt fate by sharing the the actual location but fingers crossed, I should be able to get some better images when the warm weather returns.

Finally, I’ve been watching a pair of Linnets nesting during the past week. I just love to hear their lyrical song; it just brightens my day. Here is a picture of the female perched on a hawthorn bush, surveying its territory.



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