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Return to Tophill Low

Short-eared Owl-flight

It’s been mostly work since my return from my adventures in Bavaria. However, it was good to re-aquaint myself with the quiet delights of my local reserve, Tophill Low. Actually, that’s not quite true as to date, I have only ventured around the perimeter of the site. Still, it was good to see that the Short-eared and Barn Owls are still feeding around the Hempholme area, albeit rather sporadically. A great deal of patience and a lot of luck is required to get a decent photograph of the hunting owls but after all, that’s what nature photography is all about.

Barn Owl-evening light

Barn Owl-eye contact

If you wait around at Hempholme until dusk then it is quite usual to see several roe deer emerge from their cover and indulge in some late evening grazing. Here’s a photograph I took at Hempholme some thirty minutes after sunset…

Made a couple of early morning visits to the isolated hide at Watton reserve. Not too much to report, the local foxes were disappointingly absent but there were plenty of opportunities to photograph the usual habitants which include, Cormorants, Greylag geese, Curlew, Oystercatchers, Lapwing, plus the usual array of wildfowl on the lake.

Finally, I was very surprised to see a Kingfisher from the Watton Reserve hide. A rare event and perhaps only the second time, that I have witnessed, since the new hide was erected. It made a few attempts to fish from a distant tree before giving up and flying off to a more profitable location.

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2 thoughts on “Return to Tophill Low

  1. The photo of the short eared owl in flight is wonderful Tony.

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