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A Happy New Year to everyone! I know it’s rather late to be wishing you such happiness but I’ve been a little inactive this year.

I guess I became a little exhausted with so many hours in the field — and all this on top of a steady job. So for the last few weeks I’ve been in semi-hibernation 😉

All this free time got me thinking. I really wanted to venture out once again with my large format cameras and make some platinum prints. It’s too early to share my results but things do look promising. It felt good to be back in my darkroom once again, with heightened senses and a constant feeling of wonder excitement. It’s been several years since I made a Platinum print but I’m really happy that I haven’t forgotten my passion for this exquisite, Victorian printing process. Perhaps you can guess one of my New Year Resolutions?

Don’t worry, though! I haven’t forsaken nature photography and Tophill Low. I fly to Munich next Sunday and hope to return with some photographs of the Wolves and Lynx, that live on a nearby reserve. Sounds fun! I’m meeting up with three Dutch photographers, so I guess that there’ll be some alcohol consumed! Bad people!

So, I’ll be back and very soon, rested and re-vitalised and armed with my 500 mm big-rig. Meanwhile, here are three photos from my trip to Hungary, last June.

Remember those warm summer days, eh?…

Red-footed Falcon eating dragonfly

Red-footed Falcon - female


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One thought on “Hibernating?

  1. Richard on said:

    Glad to hear it Tony! good luck and see you at Tophill soon…

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