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Hortobágy National Park – Spring Holiday

Red-footed Falcons mating

Just a quick post to inform everyone that I made it to Hungary and I’m enjoying my photography. The wildlife here is very special. However, the temperatures here in June are hovering around the 30 C every day! Now, that may be fine for those of you who worship the sun, but for me that’s really hot.

On the first day, I arrived at the Red-footed Falcon hide before 6:00 am and did not leave till almost 20:00. The temperature in the hide was formidable and I just about survived being struck down with heat stroke. Still, you gotta suffer for your art! I hope that my image of the mating Falcons at the head of the post (and many other too) go some way to justify the volume of sweat expended during that mammoth session.

Much more to come when I return home later this week, to a more temperate climate!

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2 thoughts on “Hortobágy National Park – Spring Holiday

  1. Alan on said:

    Fantastic shot Tony! Worth all the sweat & pain.Wish i was there mate,minus the heat though.

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