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Cappadocian Cream (part three of three trip reports)


The advantage of this particular trip with Squiver to Cappadocia was that it was a one centre holiday with no travelling. This gave everyone in the group the opportunity to explore the town of Goreme after each day’s pre-dawn excursion. The whole group then met later in a local cafe for lunch and a review of the past 24 hrs of photography. This turned out to be the best of all worlds for me. Although I consider myself wedded to Wildlife photography, I still crave the occasional affair with a pretty landscape or a darling street scene.

During the past few mornings, I had noticed this woman sat weaving in her shop front. That morning she was accompanied by her son as he was sat reading in the bright, early morning sunshine. I recognised the opportunity straight away and strolled nonchalantly past them both looking for the best angle. I noticed that the young man would look up from his book every thirty seconds or so. I waited for him to return his gaze to his book and then quickly captured the scene with my Canon Powershot S95. I liked the image immediately. The provisional title I gave the image, ‘The Division of Labour’ was perhaps with hindsight, a little provocative, but it seemed to suit at the time. It took a little work in Photoshop to achieve the correct balance of light and shade but I impressed as usual at the rich detail that can be extracted from the Raw format of this super little compact camera.

Of course there were many other photo opportunities in Goreme and it was a real pleasure to wander around and explore the small town and meet with the other guys from our group for a coffee and a pastry. On the last day of the trip, Marsel kindly volunteered to give a group presentation on his method of processing his images and Photoshop layers. I was torn. I would have liked to have stayed and watched the presentation but the temptation to go and photograph the ‘Children’s Day’ parade in the town square was irresistible. I wandered around the crowds feeling rather conspicuous with my D3 hanging from my neck. An hour or so later the crowds were dispersing and I retired to the cafe for lunch with the rest of the gang. Anyway, here’s a few pictures from the parade…

Bee Dance

The Dancers

Goreme Girls

A great trip and my special thanks to Daniella & Marsel of Squiver. The whole group was fantastically friendly and their English terrific. So, if photography is your passion and you don’t wish to do months of planning and searching for suitable locations, then I can certainly recommend a trip with Squiver. I know I’ll be booking another trip with them in the very near future.

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