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Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

A Fox-trot

Just a quick update. I’m back from my trip to Turkey and once more, photographing the wildlife of East Yorkshire.

I spotted this red fox late on Saturday evening. I watched it prowl around the shore of the lake for some fifteen minutes. No sign of any cubs yet, but I suspect that its den is close-by. I intend to visit the area again tonight to see if I can improve on yesterday’s efforts.

A Barn Owl was also active during the morning and evenings at North Marsh. I managed to get a reasonably sharp shot of it flying low over the top of the river defences. Yesterday morning when I was waiting patiently for the Barn Owl to show, I stepped outside the hide for some early morning sunshine to warm my bones. I opened the door and the bird was sat staring at me from a branch nearby. By the time I had retrieved my camera it was gone. Ho-hum!

I intend to write a trip report from my recent vacation in Hungary. Although, I am not sure that most regular folk would consider getting up at 4:45 am a holiday but you’ve got to get up when the light is best. Instead of writing a boring diary of the events of my trip, I hope to give everyone a flavour of the country and the Cappadocian landscape through a short essay on three images from my trip.

More later…

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2 thoughts on “A Fox-trot

  1. Alan on said:

    Hi Tony welcome back!Hope you’ve had a good holiday,with plenty of decent photo’s taken.North Marsh Hide has been quite empty since you’ve been away.See you soon mate…Alan

  2. Thanks Alan. Good to be back but it may take me a while to replace my landscape hat with my wildlife one. 😉

    Cheers Tony Mc.

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