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Snake on a lake…

Well, there’s certainly a touch of Spring in the air. Last Saturday I found myself a Tophill Low once more. There was a spectacular sunrise over the fields as I approached the reserve and a great deal of activity and bird-song.

A pair of little Grebe were still present on the lagoon at North Marsh. Unfortunately, they kept their distance and I only managed to get one good picture of the bird swimming and diving close to the hide.

A pair of Red-legged Partridge foraged amongst the undergrowth on the east side of the lake. The bright, early morning sun made exposure very difficult but after several attempts, I managed to get this acceptable, contra-jour image.

A pair of Greylag Geese flew in and their flight path enabled me to get this action photograph as the pair of geese landed on the marsh.

Once again, a Grass Snake made an appearance. This time it was swimming from one of the islands back to the shore. I was delighted to get this close-up of the snake with it forked-tongue protruding from its mouth. (See the image at the head of this post)

Perhaps the most interesting activity came from a pair of nesting Long-tailed Tits that were constructing their new home in the woods. Both birds were removing bits of lichen and moss from the adjacent Pine and Larch trees and weaving it into a fine structure.

Their nest is extremely well camouflaged and the rate of build was truly impressive.

The clocks go forward next weekend, so I hope to be able to spend a couple of hours after work photographing the Spring activity. It certainly is an exciting time of year for both photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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