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Here’s looking at you, kid.

The weather forecast for the weekend suggested that Saturday was going to be fine with sunny intervals so I got up early, around 5.00 am and was at Tophill Low before dawn. I saw three Roe deer foraging in the woods as I approached the hide but they ran off when they caught my scent. There was very little activity for the first hour or so—just a pair of Lapwing tumbling in the sky over the distant fields, on the far bank of the river Hull. The Little Grebe were still present on the marsh along with several Teal, Pochard and Mallard.

A pair of Greylag geese landed and explored the central island for a while. I managed to get a couple of interesting images of the geese. The first image shows the geese nicely framed by the surrounding reeds and the second, a flight shot of one of the geese taking off again for pastures new.

I always try to make my compositions interesting and I’m forever on the look-out for something a little different. So, when I saw this cock Pheasant poke its head above the embankment, I couldn’t resist capturing this humour of the situation… please see the image at the head of this post.

(As with all my Blog images, please double click to see a larger version)

Martin Hodges turned up at the North Marsh hide in the early afternoon. Another pair of eyes (much younger than my own) always seem to improve my photographic opportunities. Martin’s inexhaustible knowledge of all wildlife is an added bonus. Do take a look at Matin’s Blog for some excellent images and information.

We photographed the pair of feeding Little Grebe together and I managed to get this image…

We then concentrated on photographing a pair of Sparrowhawk that had been active since dawn. Armed with a 1.7x teleconverter on my 500 mm lens, I was able to get several photographs including this ‘in-flight’ image.

A common buzzard flew overhead, sometimes accompanied by several common gulls, all soaring in the thermals. Suddenly, I noticed some movement on the surface of the lagoon and we were both delighted to witness and photograph a Grass Snake swimming across to the island. The snake was over one metre long and I suspect that it was a female. I took around thirty images and selected the following photograph as it was the only one where it was displaying its forked tongue.

I ambled back to the car park around 3:00 pm, very pleased with a good day’s photography.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you, kid.

  1. Mandy Sears on said:

    How lovely to see the Grass Snake!

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