Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

Quieter still…

I must apologise for the long delay between posts. Like many other unfortunate internet subscribers in Driffield, I have suffered from major problems with access to the web. B.T. have been particularly poor with their customer service and not even an apology was forthcoming. After seven years with B.T. I have changed my ISP to Talk Talk. Let’s hope they can provide me with a professional and courteous service.

Anyway, I spent a pleasant day at Tophill Low last Saturday. The weather was kind and the light fantastic. Pity that the stage was so beautifully lit but the ‘actors’ were nowhere to be seen. A pair of Teals’ landed at the far end of the marsh but kept their distance. Later in the day, I managed to get a photograph of the male bird as it circled the marsh calling for its missing partner. Teals are not uncommon at Tophill Low but according to the warden Richard, they appear to prefer the larger expanses of water including the reservoirs.

As the sun set, hundreds of pigeons flew into the air and travelled to their roost in the surrounding trees. I spotted this cock pheasant in the glow of the failing light before I packed up my gear and returned home to my roost.

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