Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

And the winner is…

A bit of a frustrating day at Tophill Low last Saturday. The temperatures were well above freezing for a change but the North Marsh lagoon was still partly frozen. The wind was howling from the south-west and nothing much happened during the six hours I was there. Yes, a Common Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk were present but were disinclined to pose. I was just about to give up and return home when the local hunt passed by on the far side of the River Hull. I managed to grab this panoramic shot (made from two consecutive frames) before they disappeared into the bushes. Not sure what was on the menu so best not to speculate.

Now for the results of the ‘Six of the best’ competition. There were some wonderful entries—all very clever and witty. The Latin name for the Steller’s Sea Eagle is… haliaeetus pelagicus (19 letters in all)

The runner up from Vince Cowell was

“Lace it up Sushi Eagle” — great entry and I loved the Japanese reference.

However, the winner and the prize of a choice of a fine print from the “Six of the best” was from a local photographer, Ernie Howard. Ernie’s entry was…

“A huge Leica ate us lips” — it took me the whole weekend to decide between the first and second place.

A great effort and many thanks to all those who took part. I hope you found it fun.

If E.H. would like to make his choice of image I hope to get it printed in the very near future.

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