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Six of the best…

Time for a review of my wildlife images from 2010. I was extremely lucky to visit both Japan and Hungary during last year and my memories of these delightful countries will live with me for a very long time. My humble selection is not based upon popularity but on the impact that these images have had on my photographic experience. So here goes…

At number six is:

The Steller’s Sea Eagle. I was really pleased to get this image of one of the largest Eagle’s in the world on my trip to Hokkaido, Japan. Photographed from the deck of a boat; the eagle was just about to land on the thin pack ice. Fantastic plumage and I just love the ice-blue background.

At number five is:

A diving Kingfisher. I photographed my first Kingfisher earlier last year and it quickly became an obsession. I wouldn’t like to guess at the number of hours I have spent in a hide at Tophill Low near my home in Driffield, East Yorkshire, photographing these striking birds. To capture a really sharp image of a Kingfisher became one of my ambitions and I was delighted when I was able to obtain this shot. A great moment and it has quickly become my most viewed photograph on Flickr and was chosen by Charlie Hamilton James on BBC’s Autumnwatch as his favourite Kingfisher image.

Number four is:

Another unforgettable image from my trip to Japan. These two snow monkeys were bathing in the hot pool in the early morning mist. I just love the symmetry in this photograph and it certainly stands out amongst the thousand or so others monkeys I photographed during my two and a half days with these fantastic mammals.

Number three is:

I had an incredible experience photographing these Red Kites at the feeding station at Gigrin Farm, Wales. I remember that the weather was awful; heavy rain and low light—so I was pretty amazed to get several pin-sharp shots. This is one of my favourites and I must return to this venue in the near future to have another go at capturing these magnificent birds.

Number two is:

The White-tailed Eagle. A fantastic memory from my recent trip to Hungary. I don’t care that this is only a rear view of this super eagle. To me, it exemplifies my short time with these raptors. The photograph portrays the power of these birds and the white tail cannot be mistaken for any other eagle. I just love the way that the hooded crows are being displaced by the eagles presence and the shape of the trees in the background is just the ‘icing on the cake’.

Finally, Number 1 is:

It was the Barn Owl that really sparked my interest in nature photography and it is only fitting to place an image of this beautiful bird in my number one spot. I never tire of photographing these beautiful owls and I can’t wait for the opportunity to get some more flight shots later this year.

Well, that’s my choice and it certainly was a difficult one.

Thanks for reading my Blog during 2010 and I hope you will visit me again during this year.

Now here’s something special. A competition with a prize!! I will send one signed print of your choice from the six images above (pigment ink on archival paper) to the person who e-mails me the most amusing anagram using all (or most) of the letters of the Latin name for the Steller’s Sea Eagle. Yes, you’ll need to do a bit of ‘Googling’ first. Please post your answers in the comments column below and I shall do my best to hide everyone’s entries until the judgement day!

Please submit your answers in English only. However, the competition is open to everyone throughout the world. Hint: I have a pretty warped sense of humour so the funnier the better!

The competition will close at midnight on Friday 14 January 2011 (GMT) and the judges decision (that’s mine) will be final. The winner will be announced on this Blog the following week. Good luck and a Happy New Year to you all!


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2 thoughts on “Six of the best…

  1. Thanks Vince. I’ve received your submission.

  2. Thanks Ernie—some good ones there! See you soon!—Tony

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