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The Return of the King…

I have just enjoyed a beautiful morning at Tophill Low. A cold breeze kept the early morning mist away as I settled down in a very cold hide to await the action. A Kingfisher flew past around 9:15 but I had to wait almost another two hours before this female posed for the camera and did a little bit of fishing. I may have given up much earlier but for the arrival of Mandy (the local voluntary warden) who kept me company.

I finally packed up and headed for home just after mid-day. By then, the peace had been well and truly disturbed by another local pheasant shoot just across the river. Once again, I was pretty dismayed to witness the lead shot raining down on the roof of the hide. I am sure that the warden Richard, could obtain a sample from the roof and guttering and use it as evidence of a woeful lack of respect for the local wildfowl. I came across this article earlier this week that may be of interest.

I do regard myself as an easy-going guy. I would strongly defend anyones right to indulge in their own pastimes and pleasures. Many years ago, I even participated as a beater in a ‘shoot’ in Aviemore. I still remember that it was a miserable day and I was soaked to the skin after a couple of hours but the money was very welcome to a lad of fourteen. I just wish that they would have more consideration for their neighbours and allow everyone to enjoy their own pursuits.

If only I had the magic powers of Gandalf…


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One thought on “The Return of the King…

  1. Mandy Sears on said:

    Fabulous photgraph, Tony, it puts mine to shame! However, I’m not a volunteer warden, merely a volunteer warden’s wife, but thanks for the promotion. x

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