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The Visitors…

A few months ago, I was contacted by Vincent Corona, a fellow nature photographer living in in Amsterdam. Both he and his partner Karin Van Puffelen, are a keen amateur photographers with a shared passion for nature photography. Vincent and Karin were both keen to obtain some photographs of Kingfishers and wondered if I knew of a location in The Netherlands where they could photograph these marvellous birds.

At that time, the Kingfishers were very active at Tophill Low so I told Vincent that he was welcome to pop across the North Sea and visit East Yorkshire. Well, to cut a long story short, they both took me up on my offer and have just spent the weekend at Tophill Low. Understandably, I was very nervous for a few days prior to their visit. Would they be disappointed if the Kingfishers didn’t show and it rained all weekend? Well, we were in luck. We all managed to get some great photographs of Kingfishers, plus some great views of a Barn Owl and a Marsh Harrier too. The fantastic photograph of a Kingfisher at the head of this post was taken by Vincent with his Nikon D40 and a 300mm f4 lens. They were both absolutely delighted with their photographs and were very impressed by the wide range of habitats at Tophill Low. Karin told me that although there were many Kingfishers in Holland, the hides were always crowded and often a good distance from the birds.

It was great fun having Karin and Vincent visit. The weather was kind but cold—they confessed that they did make a quick visit to Tesco’s in Driffield to buy some warm socks! I really enjoyed their company and enthusiasm and we had a couple of great evenings out at the local Indian and Italian restaurants. Vincent is an Italian and it was great to hear him converse with the staff at Marco Polo’s in their native language! I’d like to say a big ‘thank-you’ to everyone at T.H.L. for making Vincent & Karin’s visit such a success. Hopefully, we may get some more international visitors in the not too distant future.


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5 thoughts on “The Visitors…

  1. Hi Tony,

    thank you very much for the fantastic weekend and for being such a terrific host. Sandwich & cake were delicious, while the hot tea was a life saver during the cold mornings … together with Tesco socks 🙂

    Being able to see kingfishers so close by has been a dream of mine for years … a dream finally come true thank to you and, of course, to the kingfishers who kindly let us admiring them so often during the hours spent in Tophill Low hide (on Saturday I think we saw them for 6 times !!!). Seeing the Barn Owl was also spectacular and unexpected …

    Karin and I have had great time and we are already missing not being able to join you in the hide this weekend 😦 but we hope to be back soon.

    Please send our greetings also to all the nice friends of yours we have met at Tophill Low hide.

    Wish you a great weekend full of new amazing photos !!!

    Karin and Vince

    • c wright on said:

      Hi Vince and Karin very nice to meet you at tophill low with Tony i hope you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you again it was a pleasure to meet you both

    • Hi Vince & Karin. I’m so glad that you enjoyed your short visit to east Yorkshire. I’m was very impressed with your images and passion for Kingfishers and was very relieved on Saturday morning when they made an appearance! Please let me know the dates and times when you are returning to the UK to photograph the seals at “The Nook’. Hopefully, we can meet up once more and share the adventure. Thanks once again for a fantastic weekend and for the very thoughtful gift. Almost too good to put my tea into that wonderful cup. —Cheers, Tony McLean.

  2. Barry Oakley on said:

    Tony, I find your pictures very inspirational for a number of reasons. Fifty years ago I used to visit Hempholme to fish on the river Hull. It was a very atmospheric place in those days, especially during the autumn when mist could often be seen rising from the river. I no longer live in East Yorkshire although I visit Spurn quite frequently. My working life saw me operating in a semi-professional role, taking pictures of industrial scenes and using a Rollieflex and an MPP 5×4. But now retired I have only recently taken up landscape and wildlife photography and use a bridge camera which I find a bit restrictive due to its tiny sensor. I’m hoping soon to invest in a new Nikon D7000 and, because of budget limitations, my long lens is going to be a Sigma 150-500mm. I only wish I had had it last Sunday when I was captivated by a little egret fishing on the edge of a scrape at Spurn. I’m looking forward to receiving your blogs.

    Regards, Barry Oakley

    • Hi Barry. I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog. Hempholme hasn’t changed that much and is still a wonderful place to spend a quiet evening. I used to use an MPP as well. I still have my old large format equipment and enjoy a little darkroom work once or twice a year. Hope to see you around the East Riding some time. Best wishes…Tony McLean

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