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BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung

Kingfisher_dive, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover an e-mail from the BBC on my return from my holiday on Arran. The producers of the programme wished my permission to discuss the above image of a Kingfisher (taken at Tophill Low) on their programme next week. Of course, I gave them my permission!

The programme is broadcast on Thursday 7 October on BBC 2 at 9.30 pm. The famous wildlife photographer Charlie Hamilton James will be giving his opinion on this and other Kingfisher images. I do hope he is not too critical! Charlie is a fantastic wildlife photographer and his recent series ‘Halcyon River Diaries’ featured some superb images of Kingfishers and was the inspiration behind my long hours in the hides at Tophill Low. If you get a chance, do watch and let me know what you think. – Tony McLean


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22 thoughts on “BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung

  1. Mandy Sears on said:

    We shall be watching! Well done!

  2. Richard Hampshire on said:

    Excellent news Tony – congratulations – you’ve earned it!

  3. Thanks Mandy and Richard. I do hope they mention Tophill Low on the programme.

  4. Many congratulations Tony, some great stuff on site.

    I had the pleasure of half an hour with a Kingfisher on the perch in front of North Marsh hide but nothing of your quality.

    I will be watching Thursday.

  5. Congratulations Tony, well deserved recognition for all the hours you have put into getting some outstanding photographs. Topped off with this beauty.

  6. Thanks Mike and Vince. North Marsh Hide is certainly become a wonderful place for a huge variety of wildlife.

  7. Andy MARSHALL on said:

    Since that first time i met you when we experienced the hobby, i have followed your blog with great interest !. Some great photographs. Congratulations, well done. This one is superb. Will be watching on thursday night.

  8. Thanks Andy. That day seems so long ago! I hope the programme is not too disappointing or I will be hiding in the woods at THL from now on.

  9. I came across this incredible photograph on flickr whilst looking for wonderful bird images to paint from (I ask permission). Just in time to watch tonight’s programme. Thanks for reminder. Your photos are wonderful. Lynne

    • Thanks Lynne. i took a look at your web site and it was obvious that you are a very talented artist. Many thanks for your kind comments and if you ever wish to use one of my images then I would only be too pleased to see the result.

  10. Mandy Sears on said:

    You have no need to hide in the woods Tony – yours was picked as the best! Fantastic, well done.

  11. You Won! Congratulations

  12. Congratulations on coming top of the Kingfisher images, and having 2 others shown during the programmme – no one else managed the same feat! Well done!

  13. A worthy winner. Congratulations!

  14. Hi Tony,

    just finished to watching the BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung show … what a fantastic results your amazing kingfisher photo being chosen as the best one by the top kingfisher photographer in UK !!! A lot of congratulations !!! really deserved !!!



  15. Thanks to everyone who have made such kind comments about my three Kingfisher images that were included on the Autumwatch Unsprung show on BBC 2 last night. It was great to receive such positive feedback from wildlife photographer, Charlie Hamilton James. One small error… Charlie thought that this image had been taken with flash (presumably to ‘freeze’ the action). No flash was used; just a combination of extremely good luck, a fast shutter speed and some long hours! Pity the show didn’t mention Tophill Low. It is a fantastic place and I am so lucky to have this wonderful location right on my door step. Special thanks to Richard, Mandy & Jeff and all the dedicated people I have met during the Spring and Summer at T.H.L.

  16. Congratulations Tony! It is extraordinarily good lighting so I can understand Charlie’s assumption. I think he must use flash quite a lot in his own kingfisher photography – would love to know how he does it – it must be quite an ordeal to get right. Tophill sounds like a great spot.

  17. Dave Ware on said:

    Stunning photos and clearly the best of the lot. Congratulations and well done!

  18. Andy MARSHALL on said:

    Well done Tony. Great achievement.

  19. Alan Walkington on said:

    Well done Tony,my North Hide mate!You really are an “A” rated photographer now,if you pardon the pun.All the time and effort has paid off for you,recognition at last,and well deserved.
    Alan Walkington

  20. Congrats, I saw this on flickr and I’m still a little amazed about this magnificient capture…..


  21. Thanks for your kind comments roeselien. You have some terrific images on your web-site too. —Tony McLean

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