Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

The Bullet

Kingfisher-‘the bullet’, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

Photographing Kingfishers is slowly becoming an obsession of mine. Funny to think back about eighteen months ago when I had never even seen a Kingfisher. My first photograph of the bird was so distant, it was difficult to distinguish it from the surrounding foliage. Any way, I’m off to the Scottish Isle of Arran in ten days time for a break. Who knows? The trip may even cure me of my current obsession.

It was good to see a few raptors at Tophill Low this weekend. On Saturday, I believed that I had a few reasonable, but distant photographs of the local Marsh Harrier. I met the warden Richard Hampshire in the car park as he was leaving. I was a little disappointed when he kindly informed me that my raptor was a common buzzard. Never mind, the very next day, I managed to get an image of a Marsh Harrier. Well I hope it is! If anyone knows different. let them speak now or forever…

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