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The Triple ‘S’

Snipe, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

An unusual week at Tophill Low and unfortunately, the Kingfisher activity has quietened down. I was sat in the hide at North Marsh on Saturday morning wondering why the Kingfishers were unexpectedly absent. After a couple of hours, an adult female appeared. Just as I had obtained focus with my 500 mm lens, a Sparrowhawk swooped down from the adjacent trees—but fortunately missed its intended prey. No wonder they were spooked. I suppose that unlike the well camouflaged Snipe above, a Kingfisher stands out like a sore thumb.

The 'lucky' escapee

Another peculiar thing happened on Saturday morning. I noticed some slight movement amongst the grasses and reeds on the nearby island. Thinking I might get another chance of capturing the elusive Stoat, I watched carefully for a few minutes. It didn’t look like a Stoat but it was difficult to see. Eventually a rather wet looking squirrel appeared. Just as I was pondering on how on earth it had made it across to the island, I got my answer. It scuttled across to the water’s edge and in the space of a few seconds, it had swam the 5 or 6 metres to the shore. Well, I never!

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One thought on “The Triple ‘S’

  1. Mandy Sears on said:

    I’d love to have seen that!

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