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Kingfisher-the dispatch

Kingfisher-the dispatch, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

Spent a pleasant few hours watching and photographing a pair of Kingfishers at Tophill Low, yesterday morning. Charlie and Mandy were there too. I seriously thought about selling all of my heavy Nikon equipment when I saw the remarkable images taken by Mandy on her new Pentax compact camera. They were stunning – especially the Macro shots!

A Kingfisher’s method of dispatching its prey is always an amusing sight (in a macabre sort of way). On more than one occasion, I have seen a Kingfisher take almost a minute to kill the fish and quite often, dropping the prey during the process. Yesterday morning was one such occasion. The Kingfisher dropped the still wriggling fish and had to retrieve its prey for a second time. I did manage to get a photograph of the Kingfisher emerging from the water with the escaped fish but it will take a long time to process in Photoshop in order to make an acceptable photograph. We’ll see…

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One thought on “Kingfisher-the dispatch

  1. I’d be very happy with that emerging shot as it is, great pictures as usual.

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