Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

Kingfisher in flight

Kingfisher in flight, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

It was good to see that the Little Grebe at North Marsh (Tophill Low) has successfully raised four chicks. I saw the family group earlier this week but the light was too poor to capture a worthwhile image.

I was delighted to see a pair of Kingfishers, darting to and from amongst the reeds on Saturday morning. It was an absolutely stunning display and one I’ll remember for a very long time. I also managed to capture a Kingfisher in flight which was another first. No fancy flash here—just lots of luck, 1/3200 shutter speed and a fast motor-drive. Not perfect of course, but I will certainly try again if the opportunity presents itself.

I returned on Saturday evening with the intention of getting some more Barn owl photographs. Unfortunately, the local Barn Owls had other ideas. (maybe they had gone to a local barn-dance? Groan!) A Kingfisher was present but it seemed to prefer to sit and watch a Grey Heron that was also feeding on the fish population. Actually, the Heron appeared to be a lot bolder than in the past and came very close to the hide.

A good weekend’s photography and some magic moments!


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