Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

Roe Deer amongst reeds

Roe Deer amongst reeds, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

A quiet week with some indifferent weather. I did see a Little Owl late one evening on a fence post about a mile from the reserve but my camera and big lens was in the boot. The local Barn Owls have been active during the evenings but I didn’t manage to get a particularly worthwhile photograph all week. This morning, I arrived at Tophill Low around 6.00 am and was immediately greeted with the colourful sight of a Kingfisher. I managed several average photographs of this bird but the star image of a Kingfisher with a captured amphibian in its beak was ruined by the overgrown reeds surrounding its usual perch.

One surprise though, was the appearance of a Roe Deer at the North Marsh hide. This hide is pretty well protected on all sides but this Deer had managed to find an entry and was only six metres from where I was sitting. I knew at this distance, the sound of the D3’s shutter would immediately alert the deer and it would disappear. I thought about waiting a couple of minutes to see if it would move to a more photographic location. However, I had the 1.7x teleconverter on my 500 mm lens and knew I wouldn’t have time to change to a smaller lens. I clicked; it looked up and disappeared.

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