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Lucky number seven…

Lucky number seven…, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

I must admit that I really felt like staying at home on Monday evening. The sky was grey and I’d had an exhausting day at work. Anyway, I made the effort and arrived at Tophill Low as it began to drizzle. Not a good sign, as Barn Owls feathers are not waterproof and they tend to shun the rain—sensible birds.

Anyway, I sat in the hide for a while and it eventually stopped raining. Suddenly I saw this Barn Owl fly directly towards me. I resisted the temptation to press the shutter too early as previous experience has taught me that it was likely to fly directly over the top of the hide. I waited a few seconds and managed to capture a sequence of five photographs. The dull conditions demanded I shoot wide-open at f4 at ISO 1250 using my 500 mm lens but the shutter speed was only 1/320 second, which gave a pleasing movement of the Owl’s wings. The whole sequence was over in less than a second. The time was seven minutes past seven—my lucky number!

I waited around for another hour and was rewarded with another thirty or so images of the local Kingfisher. Glad I made the effort.

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One thought on “Lucky number seven…

  1. Wow such beautiful images, you were well rewarded for the extra effort thats for sure!

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