Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

Green Sandpiper and Hide Photography

Green Sandpiper, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

Photographing birds from hides requires practice. The objective is to obtain a great photograph of a bird or animal without disturbing the creature or interrupting its feeding patterns or behaviour.

Of course, some birds or animals are spooked more easily than others. I always try to move my lens slowly in the direction of the bird, then make one single exposure and then carefully study the reaction of the bird to the sound of the shutter. If there is no adverse reaction, I will continue to make single exposures at various intervals in order to obtain the best composition, head-angle and lighting.

I took this image of a Green Sandpiper at North Marsh Hide at ‘Tophill Low’ on Friday evening. I made almost eighty exposures of this bird over a period of ninety minutes. I selected this one not only for the beautiful reflection but also because the deep green of the water and lack of unobtrusive reeds. I only wish I knew what to do with the other 79 pictures!

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