Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

Wildlife photography in East Yorkshire

Wind in the Willows

Water Vole, originally uploaded by Tony McLean.

Sunday at Tophill Low was very windy. I spent a few hours in the early morning at the ‘North Marsh Hide’ but without much success. A distant Great Spotted Woodpecker was perched high in a conifer but was difficult to photograph, even with a 500mm lens and a 1.7 tele-converter. However, the strong wind made it very nearly impossible to obtain a sharp image.

I returned in the evening and had a magical walk along the woodland path. I spent a few minutes watching several Red Admiral butterflies dancing in the dappled shade. I hoped to see a fox or a Roe Deer but no such luck. As I approached ‘North Marsh Hide,’ I could see a depression in the tall grass—which presumably was left by a sleeping Roe Deer during the previous night. A Water Vole made a brief appearance in the ditch adjacent to the hide and I was pleased to get several photographs of this wonderful mammal as it fed and swam between the reeds.

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